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Published: 28th January 2011
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Bengal tigers are also known as the Royal Bengal tiger, and it is also the national animal of India. Most Bengal tigers are concentrated in the Sundarban region of West Bengal and the Bengal tiger, therefore, is often considered one of the most prized possessions Bengal.
Bengal tiger is the natural habitats tend to be confined to dense forest Sundarban region, where they can effectively hunt for food. They are territorial and do not like any particular person or animal invading your place of residence. For this reason, many people get killed every year for at least a hand Bengal tiger. Most people who die are either fishermen or the local villagers. In several cases, tourists have also found that the Bengal tiger prey.

Bengali is the kind of place that is famous for the Bengal cat, a Royal Bengal tiger. Therefore, cats are pretty famous in Bengali, and they are readily available in almost all places of Bengal. Bengal in the markets, which offer cheaper prices cats and kittens. In Bengali with plenty of cat lovers, and thus is present in most of the Bengali people often try to find the best deal and the price of buying a kitten. Keeping a cat as a pet is a good idea of what you need to find the best solution to the Bengal kittens for sale. Hatibagan, etc. are located in places such as Kolkata, is one of the kittens at extremely low prices. They are the best breeds and kittens can also be imported as well.

Talking Bengal Cat reminds us of a huge man-eater that lives in the Sundarban forest, also known as the Royal Bengal tiger. The Bengal cat is probably one of the most popular animal in India and it is also regarded as the national animal of India. Not only is the Royal Bengal tigers in India a famous but it is also the most famous in various countries outside India. This is the national animal of at least 8 countries except India. Thus, Bengali pride in having one of the largest reserves in the Sundarban region of Bengal cat.

This may seem like a beautiful Bengal cat, but it is one of the most ferocious hunters, who roams the planet. Each year, several locals of the Royal Bengal tiger killed near the Sundarban region. The Bengal cat is known that a particular domain name. This means that they usually do not come out of your home, Sundarban forest to hunt for food. However, one can get killed by a Bengal cat, if he needs space and some more food, which makes it invade the dwelling places of the locals to hunt for food. In many cases, it appears that the Royal Bengal tiger will kill their during the night in the village, which is quite close to their territory. They usually hunt cattle and goats, which will make an excellent dinner, are clever hunters.

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